Resources and Research Collaboration

Program Resources

The division has developed numerous unique resources aimed at providing evidenced-based treatment for the enormous challenges faced by our clients:

  • The largest SFDPH/CBHS Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) group. DBT is an evidenced-based treatment for high-risk, self-injurious consumers, especially those suffering from borderline personality disorder. It has been shown to reduce emergency visits, volatile behaviors, and increase affective control.
  • On-site payee and budgeting services for over 250 consumers, including daily disbursement. These services reduce homelessness and increase the client’s ability to provide adequate clothing and shelter while improving planning and self-care skills.
  • Culturally-focused services: Services are rendered in the client’s language of origin by clinicians who are bi-cultural. They are often delivered in the community using natural supports. A committee of line staff and consumer reviews the cultural functioning of the center, develops mandatory training, recommends policy changes, and puts together an annual cultural competency plan. We have capability in Spanish, Tagalog, Russian, Korean, Farsi, French and four Chinese dialects.

Research Collaboration

In addition to providing evidenced-based treatment, Citywide Case Management Programs are committed to helping develop and document innovative and effective interventions. The division’s strong long-term engagement with high-risk clients and comprehensive intervention strategies enables us to effectively partner with UCSF and outside institution researchers to improve outcomes for this typically hard-to-reach population.

Research topics thus far include:

  • Study of older adults with schizophrenia, health issues and connectedness to case managers
  • Food insecurity among adults suffering severe mental illness
  • Promoting physical activity with seniors suffering severe mental illness and with young adults with severe mental illness
  • Effect of Mental Health Courts on arrests and jail days
  • Effects of substance dependence on outcomes of patients in a randomized trial of two case management models
  • Outcomes of California Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction program
  • Neuroplasticity-based cognitive remediation on employment activity outcomes in persons with schizophrenia