Citywide Case Management

Citywide Case Management is a division of UCSF's Department of Psychiatry which provides comprehensive, compassionate, respectful, and culturally and clinically competent psychiatric services to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.

The division consists of the following programs:

Assisted Outpatient Therapy

Citywide Focus

Employment Services

Forensics Team

Linkage Team (CLT)

Roving Team


Sobering Center



Program Resources and Research Collaboration

Citywide Case Management Programs have developed numerous unique resources aimed at providing evidenced-based treatment for the enormous challenges faced by our clients. In addition to providing evidenced-based treatment, Citywide Case Management is committed to helping develop and document innovative and effective interventions. The division’s strong long-term engagement with high-risk clients and comprehensive intervention strategies enables us to effectively partner with UCSF and outside institution researchers to improve outcomes for this typically hard-to-reach population. Read more about this work here.