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Citywide Focus

Citywide Focus was created out of a merger of Citywide Classic and Community Focus.  Citywide Classic provided intensive case management services to San Francisco residents since 1980 and Community Focus was founded on the ZSFG (then SFGH) campus in 1996 to offer culturally-focused Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) services to clients with high acute mental health service use.  As a merged entity, Citywide Focus is the largest provider of intensive case management in the city, still providing culturally and linguistically matched services to some of the most vulnerable San Franciscans.

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Citywide Forensics

Citywide Forensics provides intensive case management services to justice-involved individuals with severe mental health disorders and co-occurring substance use disorders.


Citywide CASC
Citywide Stabilization

Citywide Stabilization provides shorter length wrap-around hyper-intensive case management services to individuals who deeply disenfranchised, disconnected from the system of care and require more care to engage in services.


Citywide Supportive Housing

Citywide Supportive Housing provides behavioral health case management, and primary medical and psychiatric care to formerly homeless clients living in permanent supportive housing, with the goal to address their needs and maximize housing retention.


Citywide Employment

Citywide Employment provides competitive community job placement services and vocational training to clients with chronic and persistent mental health challenges.


 Citywide Stimulant Treatment Outpatient Program (STOP)

Citywide STOP provides outpatient substance use disorders treatment to adults who experience substance use disorders, co-occurring psychiatric conditions, chronic illness, and social challenges, including criminal justice involvement.


Citywide Peers

Citywide Peers program gives individuals who have achieved significant recovery the opportunity to assist others in their recovery journey. Through lived experience, Peer Counselors build rapport with clients, provide information about resources, encourage clients to explore personal goals, provide constructive feedback, engage in daily socialization, and support case managers with client tasks.

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Emergency Department Case Management (EDCM)

EDCM is the only fully integrated (primary care and behavioral health) intensive case management program in San Francisco serving clients who experience both serious mental illness and chronic medical illness and incur high utilization of the ZSFG medical emergency department services.