Since 1981, the Division of Citywide Case Management Programs has operated under the direction of the Department of Psychiatry at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. Its mission is to support the recovery of San Francisco’s highest risk mentally ill adults and to reduce their use of institutional and acute care (psychiatric emergency services, hospital care, and/or jails), while helping to maximize their ability to maintain stable, productive, fulfilling lives in the community. All division program services include medication assessment and management, crisis intervention, outreach and case management, and individual, group and family therapy, which continue as long as clients need an intensive level of intervention. The division consists of the following programs:

Assisted Outpatient Therapy (AOT)

AOT is a new intervention tool that allows a clinical team to outreach and engage individuals with known mental illness, who are not engaged in care, and are on a downward spiral.

Citywide Focus

Serves 400 of the highest consumers of San Francisco Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) acute services with four culturally-focused Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) model teams:

Employment Services

Serves clients across the division and/or living in San Francisco interested in employment training. Click here to learn more about Citywide's Employment Services.

Forensics Team

Serves 175 adults referred from the San Francisco Behavioral Health Court (BHC) partners. Clients suffer from serious mental illness, made more complicated with substance abuse and have long histories of felony level criminal justice involvement. The goal of the BHC is to engage clients in treatment under court supervision, as a way to resolve current criminal charges, reduce the likelihood for recidivism, and improve mental health outcomes.

Linkage Team (CLT)

Provides two-to-four month comprehensive clinical and case management services to clients being discharged from psychiatric inpatient hospitals to the community. At any given time, approximately 75 clients are being served by this team. CLT has been critical in helping to reduce the length of inpatient stay at SFGH and thus minimize Medi-Cal decertified bed days.

Roving Team

The Roving Team works with residents of 26 service supported hotels with 2,446 units managed through the Human Services Agency.


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