Emergency Department Case Management (EDCM)​


Emergency Department Case Management (Ward 82 at ZSFG) is the only fully integrated behavioral health intensive case management program.  Its location on the ZSFG campus, facilitates caring for clients with a complex mix of behavioral and chronic medical challenges and are thus frequent users of acute medical services.  EDCM facilitates psychosocial, medical and psychiatric care by establishing therapeutic relationships.  Their interdisciplinary team, comprised of an internist, a psychiatrist, a medical NP, a pharmacist, and social workers improve health and wellbeing for their patients and support the appropriate utilization of limited publicly funded services in San Francisco.

Eligibilty Criteria

  • Must be an adult living in San Francisco 
  • Have 5 or more visits to the ZSFG Medical Emergency Room, and/or 3 or more inpatient hospitalizations at ZSFG in the past 12 months