Citywide Focus

Program Director: Denise Corbin, LCSW

Serves 400 of the highest consumers of San Francisco DPH Behavioral Health Services (BHS) acute services with four culturally-focused Intensive Case Management teams.

Citywide Focus was formed in 2011 with the merger of Community Focus and Citywide Classic, both of which were started through the Department of Psychiatry at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG), in 1997 and 1981 respectively. Much like the department's acute psychiatric inpatient units, Citywide Focus prides itself in providing innovative services that are culturally and linguistically matched to the clients we serve. As such, the program is comprised of four culturally-focused teams that aim to address the specific needs of our clients with respect and sensitivity.

The four teams, that comprise Citywide Focus are:

Hong Ling Team (Chinese)

Supervisor: Tyrone Yip, LCSW

Cross Currents Team (LGBTQ and women)

Supervisor: Andrea Salinas, LMFT

Kujichagulia Team (African-American and European-American)

Supervisor: Denise Corbin, LCSW

Senderos Team (Latino and Korean)

Supervisor: Phillip Cha, MFT

Program Eligibility and Referral Process:

Program eligibility and the referral process can be found here.

Program Components

Citywide Focus operates groups and activities on-site six days a week, click here for hours. Program components include:
  • Client advocacy, assistance in obtaining and maintaining benefits, housing, medical care, and other necessities
  • Assessment and treatment of substance abuse
  • Fridays' Food Bank distributions (limited to Citywide Focus clients)
  • Daily support and living skills groups, including Dual Diagnosis, Anger Management, Grooming and Personal Hygiene, Spirituality, Coping with Voices, Women’s and Men’s Groups
  • Ongoing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for select individuals
  • Coaching on activities of daily living and other skills training
  • Training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students of psychology, social work, occupational therapy; medical students and psychiatry residents.