Citywide Focus


Citywide Focus is a culturally-focused merger of two programs: Community Focus and Citywide Case Management.  Established in 1981, Citywide Case Management was a national model for clinical case management and originally based at clinics throughout the City (hence the name “citywide”).  Community Focus, began in 1997 on the ZSFG campus, as a Single Point of Responsibility (SPR) program using an Assertive Community Treatment model.  The combined program now serves 400 clients at any given point and is thus the largest single program providing ICM services in San Francisco. 

Our Teams


Hong Ling

This is the only ACT model ICM team in the US with Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese cultural foci and language capacity serving 100 clients in our community.

Eligibilty Criteria


Clients eligible for our services must demonstrate a need for intensive services as indicated by having:

  • at least 2 psychiatric hospitalizations in the past year
  • multiple residential treatment, and/or crisis episodes
  • discharge from Locked Sub-Acute Treatment (LSAT)
  • inability to connect with outpatient services