Citywide Stabilization


Formed in 2019, the Citywide Stabilization Program provides the highest level of care in the community for adults with severe mental illness who are harder to engage in care than most. Citywide Stabilization encompasses three programs that are designed to be short-term, engage clients immediately upon referral, and have lower caseloads (10-13 clients) to provide intensive support to clients who may need extensive outreach or have ambivalence about engaging in care. These three teams include: Citywide Assisted Outpatient Treatment Team (AOT), Citywide Linkage Team (CLT), and Citywide Community Response Team (CCRT).

Our Teams


Citywide Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) works with adults with severe mental illness who are struggling to survive in the community and declining care. The Citywide AOT Care Team provides the most intensive level of outpatient care in San Francisco.

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