Citywide Supportive Housing


The Citywide Supportive Housing Programs were designed to maximize housing retention for SF renters who are at-risk for returning to homelessness. Since 2004, we have been committed to housing advocacy for SF's at-risk and have expanded our services to serve individuals in various Permanent Supportive Housing settings. We continue to partner with local housing providers, legal services and other community resources to assist individuals in maintaining their housing resource. 

Our Teams


Roving Team

Since 2004, Citywide Roving Team has been providing intensive case management services to master-leased hotel residents. Services are focused on resolving behavioral health and other issues to prevent eviction and reduce housing instability. Currently, the team serves more than 3000 units in 28 permanent supportive housing buildings.

Eligibility Criteria

Citywide Roving Team

If you are a service provider at any of the properties we serve and you are interested in connecting an individual to our support, you can contact our Intake Coordinator, Eli White at 415-271-5124 or by Email.

Click here for a complete list of our service area.

Citywide Richardson and Rene Cazenave Apartments (RCA)

Must reside in Richardson or RCA.

Citywide Flexible Subsidy Housing Pool Team (FHP)

Must be referred to the Flexible Subsidy Housing Pool.